Gallery - Small Works

I have named the fabric tiles - ARTQUILT TILES (like glass tiles, ceramic tiles etc.) for which I make a wooden form and wrap with surface designed fabric, securing by stainless steel staples (non-rusting) on the back. The surface design may be a collage of fused fabric, pigment inkjet printing of my own photography on cotton, and/or abstract piecing - all stitched, and hand finished. They are very light in weight, require no further framing, hang easily even on a pushpin!

FABRICSCAPES (my name for them) are matted fabric pieced, stitched etc., compositions in two sizes - 8in x 10in, and 11in x 14in., ready for framing. Many of the surface designs are scenic. These began as personal gifts when I was a member of an international board, and are easily portable.

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