I am a fabric artist living in Canada - in my studio I have a passion for creating with fabric. My art quilts have been in international exhibitions -juried i.e. Quilt National,  Visions, and invitational i.e. Australia, Japan; have won awards, are in collections private and public, are commissioned; have travelled internationally, are in catalogues and books, and/or are here in my studio. They are all wall-hangings of various sizes.

My love of bright, primary colours plus black, for graphic designs of shape and line, as well as exploring one idea in series, leads to cutting, piecing, fusing, collaging, stitching, assemblage, and/or computer printing, always keeping in mind the unique properties of working with textiles. For many years, I have taught designing with fabrics, specializing in my original curved strip-piecing (writing and publishing a book in 1988), in Canada, the U.S., Australia, as well as lecturing in New Zealand, Britain, Germany, and Colombia.

At present, some newer works may include my digital photography, pigment inkjet printed through computer on fabric. Many art quilts are composed of three panels. Smaller works (under 12 inches) are ArtQuilt Tiles, and also matted Fabriscapes 8x10 inches and 11x14 inches.